Introducing the SV800, a modern and artful design digital piano ideal for the musician looking for an affordable yet feature-packed instrument. Featuring sixty-one, high-quality keys with touch response, an expansive 768Mb expansion memory for user samples, seven inch colour touch screen, plus an array of specialty effects including Creative Expression voices technology and a variety of DSP effects, this piano is equipped for producing a wide range of realistic and authentic instrument nuances. For added visual flair, the SV800 is equipped with LED buttons that can change colour and four directional joystick to allow for further creative expression. The PC software allows users to develop custom sounds and the pre-installed Chinese sound set allows you to immediately explore a new world of soundscapes. All of this plus a lightweight design at under 9.4kg means that you can take your SV800 with you anywhere with ease. Experience the next level of digital piano with the SV800 and enjoy the creative freedom of modern instruments.

ii. Specification:

Keyboard:61 Electronic Organ Keys with Touch Response
Touch Response:Soft1.2.3 / Normal 1.2 / Hard1.2.3
Display:7”, 800×480 colored TFT LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen
Theme and brightness setting
Language:English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português, Italiano, Nederlands
Sounds:1192 Sounds, 42 Drum Kits, 145 Acoustic Expression Sounds
256 GM2 Sounds, 500 User Sounds(max), Sounds Edit Function
Keyboard Part:Left / Right 1 / Right 2 / Right 3
DSP Effects:Channel EQ
45 Reverb + 76 Chorus + 30 User Reverb + 30 User Chorus
48 Insert Effects + 30 User Insert Effects
5 Global EQ + 30 User EQ, D.A.S.
Microphone Effects:EQ, Compressor
47 DSP Effects, 3 Vocoder, 3 Vocal Harmony
Part Effects:13 Harmony + 4 Echo + 4 Tremolo + 4 Trill
6 Basic Arpeggio + 100 Arpeggio Patterns + 500 User Patterns(max)
5 Real-time Slicer + 15 Slicer Patterns
Chord:39 Chord Types
Fingered, Multi Fingered, Bass Invert, Smart Full Keyboard
Chord Reference
Style:320 Preset + 1000 User Styles(max)
Supports multi time signature Style
Style Control:Style Select, Start/Stop, Sync Start, Sync Stop
Intro × 3 + Fill In × 4 + Main × 4 + Ending × 3 + Break × 1
Chord ON/OFF, Auto Fill In (Supports half bar), Q.S./Q.S.Link, Fade In/Fade Out
Quick Setting:4 for each Style
Style Recording:8 Tracks
Real-time Recording, Track Edit and Quantize, Notes Edit, Q.S. Setting
Song:3 Preset + 500 User Songs(max)
Supports SMF(0, 1) / MP3 / WAV / AAC (.m4a) format
Song Control:Song Select, Start/Stop, Pause, FF, REW
Song Recording:16 Tracks, Quick Recording, Multi-track Recording, Track Editing and Quantization
500 songs, 20000 Events max for each song
Album:110 Preset + 1000 User Albums(max)
Audio Recording:WAV (44.1KHz, 16bit, Stereo), MP3
Audio Playback:Support WAV / MP3 / AAC (.m4a) format
Vocal Remover, Tempo change ±30%, Transpose -5~+6 semitones
Phrase Pad:4 × 200 Banks, 500 User Phrase Pads(max)
Phrase Pad Edit and Real-time Recording Function
Tempo Range:30~280, Tap Tempo
Scale Setting:Transpose, Octave (-2~+2), Tuning, 9 Scale Tuning + 30 User
Performance Memory:200 Banks × 8 (1~8) , Lock
Real-time Controllers:3 Assignable Knobs, 2 Assignable Pedals,
Assignable Joystick (Pitch Bend, Modulation), 3 Assignable Switches
Mixer:Master Volume, Channel Volume, Pan, Track Mute or Solo
Other Controllers:Volume Knob, Date Dial, </> Button, Exit, Transpose+/-, Octave+/-, Vocal Effect, Part Effect,
Insert Effect, Sustain, Mono, Sound Selection Buttons, Part Switches, Q.S., Global Settings,
Mixer Console, Shortcut+, Tempo+/-, Metronome, Tap Tempo
Internal Storage:Save User Sounds and Memory etc.
USB Storage Device:Save User Data (User Sounds ,User Songs, Memory, etc.)
Play User Songs (SMF (0, 1), MP3 / WAV / AAC (.m4a))
Support up to 256G USB Storage Device
Connectivity:Headphone, 2 AUX IN (L, R), 2 LINE OUT (L/L+R,R), MIC IN, Sustain Pedal (Assignable), Ex
pression Pedal (Assignable), USB to Device, USB to Host (USB MIDI & USB Audio),
MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, BlueTooth 4.0, A2DP & BLE MIDI Profile
Other Setting:Metronome, Fade In/Out, Tap Tempo, Speak Mode, Date & Time, Auto Power Off, Restore to
Factory Preset, Clean User Data, Brightness Control, Theme
Expansion Data:PC software kit and APP which can edit user data
User Sample (Customer Sound) 768MB
Software & APP:Grand Suite V2
Power:DC 15V
Amplifier:15w × 2 + 25w × 2
Speakers:12cm × 2 + 3cm × 2
Dimensions:1007 (Width) × 392 (Depth) × 130 (Height) mm