"Export information"

There will be an info file with .mif extension that you need to send to us before ARYA EXPANSION installation. this file is a file that you can make from your keyboard into the usb. your keyboard creates an encrypted info file with its own serial number. With this .mif file, the aria expansion package is licensed only for your device and will not work on any other device. and the expansion pack on your keyboard cannot be copied.

How to generate .mif file?

medeli akx10 and Dante Zen expansion package installation, after downloading the package we sent you from the internet, you load it into a usb flash memory and insert it into the keyboard. then press the usb button to view the memory. Select the package with the extension ARYA EXPANSION.mpk and select “exclute”, accept the installation location and start the installation. The approximate package installation time will be displayed on the notification screen. When the process is finished, all sample drum kit and percussion folder and user sounds will be displayed in groups in the user unit. You will have access to all the rhythms written in the package in the STYLE folder.