Medeli AKX10 Expansion Pack

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Arya Expansion
Medeli AKX10 SET Pack 100,00 Euro
Turkish & Arabic Set
Max 500 MB Update
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Orijinal fiyat: ₺5.000,00.Şu andaki fiyat: ₺3.500,00.

37 adet stokta


Medeli AKX10 Expansion Pack Big Sale 100,00 Euro


Max 500 MB Turkish Arabic Set
235+ Style – 270 Multi sample –  200+ user performance sound
to V12 Free Update

You can create your own rhythms and infrastructures in your studio
by using Cubase Midi Connections with Drumkits and Percusions in
the Expansion Unit.
You Can Prepare Your Own Arrangement Music in Studio Programs
with DJ Sample Sounds in Synth of World Music remix Songs you want.

Qulity Sound Style 235+ Piece
16 bit Quality Sound MultiSample Sound 270 Piece
Space Occupied by User Memory: 500 MB

By Making Midi Usb Connection, You Can Create Your Own Studio Using All Drumkit Percussion and All Sound Sound Sample Sound Files in the Expansion Unit by Connecting for Studio Studies on Computer. You can create your own Music by reading it with Expansion Audio Files. All you have to do is to print .XML cubase file from your device with Grand Suite Software and introduce this file database to cubase midi config unit.


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